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At Mapara Lodge we have focused in creating a dream place that allows our guests to stay in the beautiful region of Chocó with all the comforts. The sound of the sea will enchant you while enjoying the presence of the virgin rainforest. With 29 years of experience, Mapara Lodge responds to the needs of travelers that want comfort in front of a beach without neighbors, while experiencing tastes with the best sea dishes and enjoying great nature activities.
We are known in the area for our delicious local food. Our chef makes dishes with fish captured in the season prepared in different recipes, completely fresh, from the water to the table. Coconut and vegetables give the special local touch, and our ceviche stands out as a favorite dish.
Mapara is the local name given to a crab species that is found on the pacific coast known internationally as the "halloween crab" (Gecarcinus quadratus) due to its flashing colors that makes it stand out and seem as if it would be carrying a costume.
The name  was also born because for the founders as for the rest of the Mapara team, this region and this project are considered the maximum paradise.
Maximum Paradise.png

"Education does not change the world, it changes the people who are going to change the world" Paula Freire.


At Mapara lodge we offer an unforgettable nature experiences to our visitors, and we also seek to contribute to the educational growth of children in Bahía Solano.

We have joined "Educambio" or Educhange, an organization that with their knowledge in motivational change of children towards education and their experience manufacturing notebooks from recycled paper, we have put ourselves in this gratifying task together. We donate scholar kits and notebooks in different beaches and neighborhoods of Bahía Solano town. These children are the future of Colombia and will offer the best touristic experiences of this biodiverse region.

Mapara SAS invita a todos sus huéspedes a que protejan la fauna y flora silvestre con un comportamiento responsable con el entorno y evite su comercialización de forma ilegal. Ley 17 de 1.981 y Ley 299 de 1.996. Rechazamos la explotación, la pornografía, el turismo sexual y demás formas de abuso sexual con menores. Advertimos al huésped que según la ley 679 de 2001 la explotación y abuso sexual de menores de edad en Colombia son castigados penalmente conforme a las disposiciones legales vigentes.

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