Mapa Bahía Solano
Mapara Lodge is located in northwestern Colombia, in the region of Bahía Solano, in the department of Chocó. It is a unique place due to its wide biodiversity, its charming corners, the presence of the pacific ocean with the tropical rainforest and the warmth of its people.
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Mapara Lodge stands distantly at Paridera beach, being a priviledged location disconnected from civilization. This is the perfect spot to mix nature adventure with relaxation and pleasure.    

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Access routes to Bahía Solano:
By air: This is the method of transportation that we mainly recommend in order to have a more comfortable arrival and stay at the region. Flights depart from Medellín, Cali, Bogotá (with a stop in Medellín), Pereira and Cartago. We recommend checking airlines like Satena, San Germán and charters.
Seaway: Ships and boats bound heading to Bahía Solano usually depart once a week from the Buenaventura pier. Cargo ships can take approximately 24 hours and speedboats between 6 and 8 hours depending on the conditions that arise.
Please remember that there is no road access to the region, this makes the destination an exotic, remote and very well preserved place.  
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Once our visitors arrive to the José Celestino Mutis airport in Bahía Solano, a Mapara staff member will be waiting to transport our guests in a jeep or "tuk-tuk" to the tourist pier, path that takes approximately 10 minutes. One of our boats will be located at the pier to transport our visitors on a pleasant coastal journey of approximately 20 minutes heading North of the bay. Upon arrival to Paridera beach, being remotely located, the charming facilities and beach of the lodge can be enjoyed.

Vegetación Bahía Solano